Introduction University of EAST ( Engineering , Arts, Science and technology ) was founded by a Society of educationists and public minded citizen to provide quality education at affordable cost to the public. The University was granted Charter by Sindh Legislature under University of East Act 1999.

Mission To continuously strive to provide environment conducive to scholarship, research and in-depth debate on contemporary socio-economic, scientific and technological issues.

Objectives University of EAST will make all efforts to improve the quality of faculty, instructional aids, equipment and facilities for study and research so that the innovative and creative talents of its students find fullest expression.The University will actively encourage ideas and studies that aim to bring about improvement in local technological and managerial processes to perk up productivity and quality of life.The University will forge active and fruitful linkages with industrial and commercial organization to synergies the outputs of academics and the business world for market savvy orientation of academics programs thus opening up vistas of gainful employment of our graduates.Furthermore the University will forever active remain committed to promote Islamic values of universal peace, harmony, equality and brotherhood of mankind and societal ideals of equality, tolerance and social justice.

Infrastructure University Campus is located on major artery of the city and is served by a network of roads. It is custom built to meet the needs and demands of modern and diverse students body. All class rooma, laboratories, library, canteen and common rooms are fully air conditioned and well furnished.Computer laboratory is equipped with adequate number of computers and trained instructors. The University has a dedicated broad band internet connection for the convenience of students. A digital on-line library is also available. In addition, our lending library has a stock of roughly 10,000 volumes and regularly receives daily newspapers, periodic magazines, and professional journals The Library has latest editions of textbooks and has a first rate collection of reference material.We have adequate number of multimedia projectors, public address systems, voice recorders and digital cameras for use of teachers / students to meet the requirements of their presentations. The University also has a stock of educational videos, CDs and DVDs.

Faculty University of EAST has more than adequate number of highly qualified full time professors on its rolls. They are further reinforced by an ever increasing number of equally qualified and competent professors on our visiting faculty roster. We Endeavour to maintain 1:25 teacher / student ratio in each class.

Placement University puts a great deal of emphasis on the placement of its graduates. Career counseling is provided by experienced counselors from academia, bureaucracy, business and other professional fields to help students select appropriate career lines to suits their temperament and where in they think they can make a mark. Students are encouraged and guided to conduct job search and secure interviews. They are further helped in preparing for interviews and making winning presentations. University also holds social events to provide chance to students to meet with successful people from various walks of life for learning and networking.