University of East

University of EAST ( Engineering , Arts, Science and technology ) was founded by a Society of educationists and public minded citizen to provide quality education at affordable cost to the public. The University was granted Charter by Sindh Legislature under University of East Act 1999.

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To continuously strive to provide environment conducive to scholarship, research and in-depth debate on contemporary socio-economic, scientific and technological issues.


University of EAST will make all efforts to improve the quality of faculty, instructional aids, equipment and facilities for study and research so that the innovative and creative talents of its students find fullest expression.The University will actively encourage ideas and studies that aim to bring about improvement in local technological and managerial processes to perk up productivity and quality of life.

University of EAST is committed to improve the quality of education in Pakistan. The University is managed by a group of dedicated professionals and academicians who have Devoted their lives to the cause of education .


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