Degree Verification
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To Verify Please Enter the Registration Number and the Degree Number as Printed on your Document.
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Degree No : -


Degree Verification *Required information

Degree Verification Process

1. Payorder in favour of University of East amounting to Rs. 5,000 only.

2. Send copy of the degree for attestation along with the CNIC copy of the student.

3. Complete contact details of the students for our record reconciliation, if any update is needed for the contact details of the student.

4. Request letter on official letter head from the company, in case the verification is requested from the company.

5. For individual verification, request letter with original signature as per the CNIC required.

6. All requiste documents mentioned above should reach the UOE Office at University of EAST 640/B Latifabad No:2 Hyderabad Sindh Pakistan

Phone No: 022-3821396(Mr Zubair)